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Completion of a Crucial Phase in My Album Production

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

It's May 19th. I had to say something today. It's a New Moon in Jupiter and the sun is currently in Taurus, AND Jupiter recently changed signs to Taurus, which is where my Jupiter is astrologically. I am excited. It has been very good. For love, for life, for work, for art, for play, and for leisure & style.

I had a recording session with Matt today and the album's financial Investor, Jason, sat in on the sessions. We all had a good time. Matt and I covered two songs in two very different ways- one laying down and piecing together the lead vocal track to a song I had pre-recorded guitar to, and the other was a live guitar & vocal tracking of a sexy love song that I'm proud to be able to show (cuz I'm kinda shy about PDA).

It's the final song in the line-up of songs for this album to put both vocals and guitar to. When Matt pointed that out at the end of the session, I started tearing up. And then Jason asked me when I truly started dreaming and preparing to make this album, and there are two answers to that, both of which also made me tear up. I've been preparing all my life for this. But I'm truly at the completion of a 2-year cycle since the moments I began working toward making the project, dreaming it and feeling into how I want it to be/feel. I knew I want to feel good while making it. I want good people around me, supporting me and the work, and I want to take my time to grow into it, explore and adventure through it, have fun, use new tools, honor the present future and past in it, trust that this moment is great enough to capture in this way- a living moment in time.

Time and space are continuously expansive, and in my maturity, I've learned that things I've thought of as mistakes I've made in the past turn out to be quite lovely when I revisit them today. I apply this knowledge to creating now, knowing that it continues to live and show me new things as I become more aware and expansive about my Self (Life, God, Time, Spirit).

So I have love and art and beauty and wonderful sound in my life as my supporters, numbering 4 for stability and reciprocity. I live and create and grow and plant seeds of the same. Ritualizing art is the best thing I've done in the past 7 years. Focusing on my health and wellness is the affluence that I lead with. Everything that stems from it is beautiful. More coming soon on the horizon...

Jason, Matt, and I.

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