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Elemnts, My Live Show- June 22, Baltimore

Updated: Jun 22

It’s here! I’m so excited to showcase original songs accompanied by the elements of nature in living altars. Plus, I’m serving cooling summer tea! 

The “Elemnts” concert is part Love ritual - part sound healing vibration - part community bridging - and part lift-off from a free channeling of vocal music.

Ticket Donation Link:

Live-stream Link:

The live-stream will be active for 3 days following the event.

The live event runs from 6-8 at NoMüNoMü, 709 N Howard St. Baltimore, MD. There is a $10 cover charge, and proceeds go toward funding my premiere studio album. This event will also be live-streamed! Please use the donation link provided when joining.

I extend a huge thank you to MoMüNoMü for hosting the event, to Kurt Orderson for his  “Looking Rights” video installation on land/spacial violence related to natural elements that’s on view in the gallery now, to the Space for Creative Black Imagination for providing exactly its namesake, and to the great and wonderful Mystery that puts all things together with ease whether or not we choose to surrender to it. I love this ride. Happy to share a soundtrack to go with it.

I feel... Refreshing



Enthusiastic about producing my next solo concert - the first I've done in a long time.

“Elemnts,” the live show, combines original songwriting, improvisational singing, altar-making, ritual and song conversation dedicated to Nature, ancestry, love, and healing.

I’m honored to expand the boundaries of my own musical rebirthing; even more-so to be in witness of the natural elements. Water, earth, ether, and fire- an audience of Nature- I sing to, collecting our humanity into presence, creating together moments to cherish the mysteries that bind and nurture us.

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