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Hello, fam!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

I'd like you to meet the sound engineer I've been working in collaboration with for the past 6 months. His name's Matt Wyatt. he's a drummer and percussionist, producer, and recording musician. He's become a friend to me over the months that we've been working- he and his partner, Brooke. together we all enjoy art, nature, food, community, groundedness, heart, and good vibes. the space that Matt and I create in his studio, Tree and Booms studio, is one of creative flow, artistic trust, and sometimes a good friendly challenge. always, there is authenticity between us and we meet in the soundscape precisely, even when our words fail to describe how to get there.

I appreciate this so much because I'd been looking for a long, long time (ok like, 20 years) for a musical collaborator who I feel comfortable, safe, and expressive with. you've all heard the saying, watch the company you keep. well, it's in good company that I want to make music and art that I share with the world. all y'all deserve good company. shout out to life for putting two and two together so that, not only does my premier studio album get beautifully and prayerfully made, but that we tackle other projects and opportunities that arise too. this is the beginning of a very fruitful friendship that I'm thankfully leaning into.

more background:

my experience of relationships with men in my life have been mixed. I know and love a few good men, so it never was a knock on all men that I had fear. I just couldn't see a way through it without help, and time has given that to me. awareness, self reflections and care have too. again, grateful. I keep my friends close now. and I know how to set a good energetic boundary that protects and sustains my life force when I need it. and I have made strides in my relationship to male sexuality in particular that have been courageous and healing, although not without pain.

I can now see myself emerging on the other side of something. I am attracting more good men to me and pretty soon I'll be all but surrounded by them again, as I happily was in my childhood. comfortable. relatable. fun.

the other day while recording one of my songs that has sexy lyrics- in front of Matt- I realized that I had been eager for this moment to have enough comfort and safe feeling (trust) to do such a thing as express explicit ideas about my sexuality to a man I was not already in intimate relationship with. simple as it may be, that is a noticeable mile marker in my journey to healing childhood sexual trauma. It reminded me that 10 years ago I was in a similar position newly being comfortable with expressing myself as a sensual and dancing body when I joined SambaFunk! Afro-Brazilian dance company in Oakland. Our AD is King Theo, a man, and now my spiritual brother and good friend. Many men were in the bateria, the drum core of the company and men often attended the dance classes. That was nothing small for me to be able to shake my hips and ass and to engage my femininity in a way of beauty and sensual power in front of a room of men. Full circle, rounding out the work of the root+sacral chakras, the womb, I have come to free the true and beautiful expression of my own voice. I talk about this more and more: the voice and the womb are intricately connected. work in one area begets work in the the other. and it is verrrrry powerful medicine. POTENT. a bridge of fire for creative mystery to flow, yes for all who learn and dare to wield it.

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