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Marie Tatti Goes to Song School

In January 2023, I hope to begin a six-month course in embodied improvisational singing with a group of singers led by vocal master, Rhiannon. The program is bookended by two group trips to study together in paradise- once in Hawai’i and again in Italy. This course teaches what I hope to bring into my leadership role as an artist and community organizer. We will “share the music and sounds of our own healing work with one another at the same time as we extend out to nature and the community [with] conversations about the word 'healing' and how to keep that grounded in the reality of skill-building and the connection of body and voice.”

As I embark on the next chapter in my musicianship, recording my first ever co-produced studio album, I am praying through the process by restoring and integrating my relationship to Song as ritual to be shared by all who listen in participation. This song school, All the Way In, will help sharpen my existing tools of embodied vocal techniques and offer me new ones to grow into. I’m so excited for this amazing challenge and the fruits I’ll share with y’all.

I’ve started a Gofundme campaign to help pay for the course. It’s $6,000, and traveling will add $2,000 to the total expense. I’ll receive a small scholarship from the school, and I’m applying for music scholarships and educational grants to pull it all together. I’m already so fortunate to have all your energetic support and words of affirmation to help me on this journey. Each step I take is a step for the village, so I thank you for sharing and contributing to our community's holistic vocal brilliance. The link to the crowd fundraiser is here:

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