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Remember your Gut?

This gut is real. Looking at really everyone here and thinking, "Oh! This is familiar." We KNOW that type of fat, what it looks like and also what it feels like. It's not just rolls; rolls are flexible. This is stuck, blockage.

As a shorter thing, we had some problems with mobility. Legs were tight, inflexible, holding water, injured easily and frequently twisted ankles (ow!). Didn't run much as a kid. And the gut. We thought it was just big, so sucked in a lot. We now know that, that feeling from inside is called bloating. Then, we were constantly bloated with gas, inflammation and fat comprising the extra weight. It cut off some feeling to the lower extremities. We used to get chest pains mom called angina. Somehow, a word made it less of a concern and nothing was done to minimize the frequency of it, so it just lived. This too was caused by inflammation. Then there were the shooting pains up our arms. Arthritis. Yes. We had arthritis as a child. But we were artists! Still draw and play and work with these hands. No option to allow arthritis to curl them into frozen (burning) nobs. Inflammation.

Forever grateful to Inner G and all of the people who provided access to nutritional and herbal lifestyle options over the last ten years. Today we can say that ALL of these conditions are alleviated by current diet-lifestyle. It has taken years to know, get used to, and come to crave better food for this body. Don't look twice at a McDonald's anymore. The transformation is nearly complete. Ever heard of a butterfly with two lives?

Next up, farm our own food and get even closer to keeping a regular plant-based diet of organic and most importantly FRESH foods in diverse rotation. More to come!

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