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so i AM a hippy (my internet-dating profile)

I don't do drugs, and I don't like to stay dirty. So I'm not a dirty hippy. But if liking natural things and actively participating in the preservation of nature makes me a hippy, then so be it. I believe in river, rock, and earth magic, that communication with trees is a form of long-distance calling, and that We all are telepathic. My dreads are entirely natural. I don't shave my body hair anywhere. My favorite place to shop is any local organic grocery store (co-ops are preferred). I could drink coconut water all day every day. I believe every meal should come with a salad or kimchi. I have big feet and my toes spread wide. I enjoy being barefoot wherever it's safe to be. I prefer comfortable shoes and clothes over cute ones. Sometimes I still play dress-up. I own a set of pearls that I've never worn. I'm not such a lady. Not yet a man. I'm somewhere in between and totally fine if no one believes me. I don't like to stand out. I don't like to be watched by strange men. I climb shit. I am proud of my scars. And if LOVE is the hippy code, then I agree with it. It's very easy to love humankind when you love nature. I am happy to say hello when I pass someone in the road. I can meet new people and entrust them with my livelihood. I prefer conversational gatherings to loud music and crowds. My first conversations with new people are usually about metaphysical awareness or observations on society. I am completely comfortable, raw, open, and romantic with my friends. I love all my exes and I don't need to see any of them ever again... and that could change at any moment. I use my imagination a lot. I draw symbols and follow visions. I like art. I'm a fan of colors and gemstone therapy, but I don't like to collect small things. I like the sound of babies crying to be soothed. I like soothing babies. I prefer being at home. I prefer being outside, at home. I like pastures. I love mountains. I live for smells of musk and flower essences, mints and aromatic spices, citruses, tea leaves, and rain. I follow smells on people. I love the wind. I feel most at home when I'm going with it. I change a lot. I generally think of myself as the face of the ocean. I am prone to moodiness. I am prone to tornadoes. I like them. I am still learning how to say no without trying to be nice or shutting off entirely from people. I speak the truth. I'm lazy sometimes. Sometimes I overwork. I wait too long sometimes. Sometimes I go to soon. I don't know a lot of popular American or Black American movies or music although I'm a Black actor and musician. I've had dreams of being a dancer. I can finally lift my legs. My body holds water when I don't eat right. I also get confused and depressed. I haven't always made the time to eat right. I am diligently working on this lifestyle. I don't know where the Black, white, or Indigenous blood in my ancestry comes from. I DO know that I have had witches in my family. And if I must be a hippy, then I affirm that I am a Black hippy. If this hippy circus town called Vale do Capão were Black, I would be home now.

So who's down to make / join that Black hippy town?

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