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Starting Work on My Album!!!!

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

It's Friday, November 11 (1111) and I'm in the studio today, recording the first song of my premier studio album. I'm very excited in the most mature way that I've ever been. It's been a long journey here. Many hiccups, many setbacks, very often deepRest. I knew that this day would come just as much as any of you, my loving family, who've seen and known I would help create something beautiful with my voice. My voice that I'm so grateful for, is the only thing I do daily voluntarily.

Today felt like my first day of school. It was like breaking water (and it did rain today). I was nervous to start. A lot has been happening in my life that could've stopped me from starting today, but it didn't. I took a mushroom cap. I've already decided to be open about my journey making this album with mushrooms as support. Two years ago when I tried to start this project, I encountered such a terrifying dread that I stopped it and asked Nature for help. Mushrooms told me they would help guide me and here they are, right on time, two years later.

I started with two basic tracks- guitar and vocals- and then moved into a space of listening for the right vocal parts to come next. I heard a thumping hum and announced to Matt Wyatt, my producer, that I'd found the direction of the piece. We recorded that hum and then Matt had the nerve to bring out a xylophone! It spiked my child's heart and perfectly blended with the tone of the hum. After that, we layered several more vocal tracks, and then he heard the drum like a heartbeat. The song is titled Heart of Gold. Matt and I had a really fun time creating together.

I'm raising money to attend an embodied improv singing school that starts this coming January with a faculty member I met recently at Bobby McFerrin's Circle Song school last August. Recording today, I've already been using some techniques I learned there. I'm incorporating them with techniques I've been using since my time in college studying voice for actors. It goes both behind the scenes and behind the music. Help support my project by funding my school tuition fees here:

My takeaway from today:

Recording a song is about making a song is about listening for the song. 

Here's a clip!

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