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The Hustle

1. A man runs to 6 cars at a stop light, placing something that looks like bottled water in the crevice of a mirror on each car. No one grabs at the item to inspect it. He circles back. Now with a bit of disappointment in his body, he jogs to retract each bottle of water from the mirrors of the cars of the 6 people. He returns to his station on the curbside at the stop light. He will try again.


2. Packing the pick up truck 3 levels high with supplies for all three businesses AND the house. Bouncing down the highway 2.5 hours from the nearest city, once a week.


3. Buying fruit from a child selling sacks of local, organic, fresh fruit for the price of U.S. dollar store junk food.


4. Man runs across the highway. Our car is coming toward him at 100km/hr. He jumps the median barrier like a gazelle and keeps running across our path. Just in time.


5. The following conversation entirely in common folk sign language:

Worker: You want your window washed?

Driver: No, no! I don't want it!

W: You want your window washed!

D: No, rapaz (man)!

W: I'mma wash yo' window. You DO want your window washed. Look how dirty it was!

D: . (Silently thinking, "Shit.")

W: (after washing window) Ok. That's better, right?

D: Yeah, that's fine, here's some money. Thanks.


6. You walkin briskly in 80° weather with a suit on bro. But dat joint is silver and you do look flyy. 👏👏👏 Mind-over-matter.

Also, I just wanna say: people still ride horses here. In the city. Shit's TIGHT!

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