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I have an announcement!

"1111," my debut single- my first ever of studio quality- is now available for purchase on all music platforms everywhere (Omg🤯)! AppleMusic YouTube Spotify and the list goes on...

Wow, it’s been such a long, winding and beautiful road to get here. I’m still learning new things everyday, especially about the online/independent music industry. I have so many people to thank, which you can read about in the credits for the new single. Right now, I have to thank YOU, yes, you reading this, for sharing your interest thus far and supporting my continuing artistry by listening, sharing, purchasing the single, and creating your own uses for the song. You can also make donations to help me finish the rest of the album here:

During the course of creating this album, I completely surrender to Spirit by following my true desires and my intuition. I've met a highly compatible collaborator and a supportive investor, rekindled long-term relationships with great musicians, put myself in deeper vocal study, picked up new instruments, started to detox my body, lived in the mountains to breathe cleaner air, been still in prayer, kept dreams alive, and I’ve grown in my capacity for love. It’s taken three years to get here and I’m not quite done yet. To help me reach the finish line, please keep listening, sharing, and contributing as you’re inspired. Thank you so much! Your energy is valuable and powerful. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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