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trust trust trust trust trust trust, say mi hav fi trust trust trust trust trust trust

A checklist of self respecting strategies, healing, and awareness practices:

Stop being loyal to my pain.

Make steps to (help) avoid self-sabotage: hypnotherapy, therapy, energy work, alignment, breath work, and self-expression.

Trust myself, trust the process. Make space for my pace. Align my structure to honor my pace.

Invest in my Cosmic (intrinsic) value, my self.

Recognize the abundance I do have that I am currently sharing and able to share.

*Recalling a dream I had of my mother opening and inviting me to come live-work on her ranch in Southern California. She (the representation of her/me) has enough to offer and her abundance is in direct relation to her joyful freedom of self.*

Focus. Release baggage. Free my heart. Adopt rituals that I admire to increase my Light (free-joyful-abundant-Cosmic) being. Break open for my healing. Use my voice. Listen inside myself and heed my intuition. Forgive and learn from my past experiences.

Below are photos journaling my Fall season's community growth and personal expression.

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