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Funding All the Way In

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Funding All the Way In started as an $8K schooling endeavor. Through my community online, I was able to raise about $5K, which helped me start with the class of 2023 on a payment plan. I was led by Spirit in a dream to join this year, and I’m so, so glad I did because this cohort is really something special. One of the main reasons I even go to school is for the networking and relationships I can build with people from around the world. In this class, everyone is highly skilled and deeply empathic. Who knew (my Spirit knew) that a class of over 20 people would yield so much heart-felt vulnerability and capacity to humbly transform in front of each other? We are super supportive, sharing group calls, going to each other’s shows, and genuinely caring about one another’s wellness and sacred abilities. For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong with the class I entered into, and I look forward to how our collaborative relationships will grow across the nations and oceans that we span.

Midway through the first and second sessions, we were surprised to be offered a third session to take place in Montreal, Canada. This is the third location in the world that this program has taken me for the first time. Hawai’i, Italy, and now Canada. I love traveling, and I love that Rhiannon is so connected to land that each landscape becomes a part of our journeying together into deeper truth and authentic vocal expression. I borrowed money from my album recording funds to cover the second session, while I knew I’d have to make another fundraising push to recoup it. Now the program is going to cost about $10.5K; that’s twice as much as I’ve raised.

I’m calling on you now to help me access this course, opening healing sound frequencies to a worldwide community through rituals, art, and of course, land. It’s already helped me deliver deeper-reaching performances as Lauren Olamina in the Parable Opera, and I’m using the work in my forthcoming album to be released in early 2025. Some people may think that two years is a long time to work on a recording project, but I’m doing it myself and collaborating with artist friends who have expertise to help in different phases of the project. It’s more than a musical recording, and I’m leading creative objectives (with Spirit) for each area required for its release. I’m grateful to live in the process; there are so many gifts that come with inspiration from general life experience. Maybe I’ll achieve future projects in a shorter time span, but this is my premiere studio recording project. It’ll put me on the map of streaming platforms and radio airwaves, traveling overseas and reaching an audience of listeners with a frequency that I’ll have access to for the first time. I want it to be good, good to listeners, and to reveal the wisdom and healing that I’ve encountered in a process that has ultimately inspired my heart. On Earth, we heal each other through vibrational frequency, and I’m proud to be serving in Song.

Will you help me by sharing this post with someone you know whose life has been changed by music? I know that I can reach my ~$10K goal, and I’m certain that it will be beyond my pre-existing community reach. Each person’s support gets woven into the tapestry of sacred and Cosmic sound that I am so eager to share with the World. Whether by recording music, performing live, or offering sound healing, this work has a life-long impact that I will love to spread. Donate here:

Photos from Italy below!

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